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Charice Live In Dubai

Charice's Blog

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on Mon, 2012-01-30 17:47

Charice has announced a new date on her Infinity Tour in Dubai on March 2nd! Tickets will go onsale on February 1 on


muhamad yusuf syaputra's picture

when to perform in Indonesia
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Hi I am glad to see you. I like your free styles and your songs. I like these songs listen, one day,feat-lyaz. ႈI encouraging you.
Eddie T. Bedonia's picture

hope to have a daughter like you charice
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Would like to hear Charice sing in next Hunger Games movie...ebrownmd
kelvin's picture

Hope to see you someday Charice ♥
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Charice will be appearing with David Foster in B.C. Victoria on May 24-27, 2012 in David's Miracle Concert. It's a charity event but quite expensive $1000/person.
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Do not imitate those people in the UK or US or anywhere in the world by defiling your body with tattoos. Tattoos are for inmates and drug addict’s not for free and gifted person like you. You made me hate you but I still love your voice.
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Why is Japan and Philippines not mentioned here in her Infinity Tour?
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HIT LIKE (Charice Infinity Tour: Dubai by 321 Events JLT) ------> for more Info. :)