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Tue, 2010-05-11
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robertlap's picture

Love your music charice. cant wait to see lighthouse and lesson for life hit the music charts

Jan_33's picture

ang galing talaga ng Pinoy

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gemma's picture

ang ganda talaga boses mo cha,hope to see you someday here in rochester ny

Giulia's picture

Charice, you're amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, come to Italy as soon as possible!! I want to hear you sing live!!!!!!!

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Selene V's picture

Your voice is so amaizing and beautiful!!! You have many fans in my country (Mexico)

Selene V's picture

Hello!!! Charice! when you coming to Mexico?

Jotiko's picture

Hi Charice, I really love your new CD Infinity! Your voice is amazing; to me you are the best singer the world has ever had. What I love about you is that you can sing any kind of music you like. I heared you sing beautiful ballads and energetic up-tempo songs and they all sound amazing. I cannot wait for you to come to the Netherlands! Wish you the very best.

ruffy11275's picture

Hi Charice you're amazing. I love your unique voice. Hope you will come to Germany one day , especially to Cologne. Stay as you are .

DulceCarola's picture

I LOVE your music Charice! your voice is amazing!

lee sengmanee's picture

Hello!My cuty charice,I love all your music you sang,and I went to see your show in Las Vegas with MR.Foster,twice and love to see again and again !!!! you know what ? my birth day is MAY 10th too. love you !!

AntonioHolman's picture

Hi Charice,I to want to have a duet with you:) and if you are reading this, could you do ur concert in Erie

pching999's picture

Hi Charice hope you will have tour here in the USA especially in Detroit

baagii's picture

hi. you best. I'm you are fan from mongolia

nathaniadewss's picture

Chaaarrice , im you're fan from Indonesia ..

heberbluff's picture

Hi Charice, i am from Chile, when you come here? i love you voice. is amazing. :)

ขวัญนปชนครชัยศรี's picture

I come from Thailand. I love Charice so very much. i love u .

heavenishotterthanhell's picture

A voice made from heaven. :)

roselyn beltran's picture

i really like her vioce its so great she's very talented young singer .......congratulation charice......i love ur songs.......god bless u always........

hersbelle's picture

Congratulations charice....Ilove u,,,,ur such a inspiration to all human being...GOD BLESS U ALWAYS :)

BeverlyMateo's picture

Goodluck Charice!


At last I found your site!!! I love you Charice~~~ I always listen to your awesome voice!!!

khatman's picture

I bought 3 copies of the above CD when it came out - 2 of the CD's I purchased @ Target which have the bonus tracks. I have two favorites - All I Need To Survive and ThankYou.

Kobus Oosthuizen's picture

Charice, you are a inspiration to all human beings. You crept into my heart, all 4ft 11 inches from the first time I saw you on Youtube. I will miss your show in Singapore and Japan by a couple of days, so sad:-( I live in South Africa and would have probably been my only chance to have seen you live!! Unless of course you tour South Africa one day :-)) Keep on doing what you are doing and most importantly, how you are doing it, Baby Girl!! We are blessed and proud as fans to have you as a rollmodel!! Love you Baby Girl and all the best for your Infinity Tour xxx

Julia's picture

Definitely my number one idol! every single moment of her life is just so inspiring...

One important thing I have learned with Charice Pempengco was that.. If you believe in yourself.. U can go really really far and live the life You have always imagined! that we have to go confidently in the direction of what we want!

I have no idea if it`s going to be read by Charice or no.. but well. if it happens, I just want to thank her because.. she had a big influence on.. what I am today and, her music gave me kind of a strengh to keep dreaming and to do my best to make difference and to make the world a better place as much as I can. (:

Thankyou for the music, Thankyou for the inspiration, Thankyou for being so affable, thankyou for being here on earth!'

omar callos's picture

what a talented girl!!! I'm so very very to you charice!!!
your the only one,, go!go!
from your home country mhar!!

Ruben Rdz's picture

I do not know if you read these comments but I hope you or someone of your team can take the time to read this words, I am from Mexico I am not young but I am not old man however you have captivated to me with your voice, I read your biography in the internet and is really inspiring, I admire you not only your great talent I also admire your tenacity to excel in this area, I have a daughter that like me have been captivated with your talent, she saw you in Glee but she did not know who you were so whe I told her about you she have followed up you in internet. I really would like you to consider comming to Mexico, I am sure that you have a lot of fans that like me want to go to a concert to enjoy your greatest and extraordinary performance.

RINDAH's picture

i love youu.... hope i can take my picture with you at jakarta,, 7 march,, soon... love ya...

Yanna Üü's picture

she's really a talented. iloveyou charice.